Summer hauls and comfortable fashion

So being an Indian has both is perks and disadvantages. I reside in the capital city of Delhi which becomes scorching hot during the summer months!!!The rise temperatures makes styling seem quite a challenging task for me. While shorts and shirts no doubt provide a huge (and by that i literally mean huuuuge) respite against the heat, I wanted to style a look which is both stylish and affordable:)

Hence, wanting to experiment with cotton pants really piqued my interest and I headed to none other than Zara. Zara has a huge sale going on at the moment which made it a relief for my wallet as well, cause as you all know my blog is all about staying stylish but……..nevertheless on a budget. Also I would like to share a little inner deet here for you guys, having PCOS and hirtuism since a young age made it problematic for me to wear shorts all the time(the hair removal regimen is literally a sore in the eyes during summers!hence….). But not to worry cause we have cotton pants to our rescue!!

So without further ado let me share with you all my haulSnapchat-1168735431

This is a basic blue striped cotton trouser with a cinch belt around the waist. I ends at the ankle and provides the perfect comfort for summer


Next up is one of my favorite purchases. This has the perfect ruffle frill belt across the wait. The belt provides an elegant team up for both crop tops and tee shirts. Absolutely totally love this purchase.Again the material is cotton and it feels really airy and provides a huge respite against the Delhi weather.


The third in the row is white basic trouser with horizontal stripes. This was so gorgeous, that I had to purchase this beauty. This can be easily washed and the best part is that it can be dried easily without the need for excessive pressing.Snapchat-1973929545[1]

The last one is one with a jogger pant style look. No belts for this one but it’s extremely soft and comfy.Like I literally feel like a cotton ball in this one.And its super comfortable to wear for both spring and summer outings. It cost me slightly more by the sale standards but still I felt its a steal.

So that’s it for today hope you all enjoyed reading the blog. Will be sharing the mini Sarojini haul soon as well in the next blog on the blog. Stay tuned dear readers.Here’s leaving you with a picture of the damage.







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