Mini skincare hauls

Hello lovely readers. I hope you all have being absolutely great.Just thought a mini fashion haul is just as essential to beat the heat just like fashion hauls. I have a particularly sensitive skin type which makes it impossible for me to experiment with products extensively, nevertheless over the years I have found the perfect fix to all my skincare woes.

Recently ordered a few of my skincare favourites from (the one stop shop for all my skincare needs).So here’s presenting some favorites for the summer season. I ordered the following products as a part of my monthly routine-

A)Garnier Micellar cleansing water- This is by far the best and most fairly priced face cleanser product . It helps to remove the eye makeup so well. Although I felt the oil based version to be better than the normal one, totally recommend this to all you people out there.

B)Note Miss Kiss lipstick-

I recently discovered the wonder that Mac Velvet Teddy is!! Love the texture of this lipstick and totally fell in love with it. My skin is pale fair and hence I feel this is the perfect daily wear lipstick for my skin tone and brings out the undertones in my skin so so well. But as the lipstick is slightly expensive retailing at INR1500 I decided to go for a cheaper version. Note miss kiss lipstick is a bang on dupe color wise but guys nothing can really compete with the consistency and finesse of mac velvet teddy (like literally). Overall if you want to purchase a dupe for velvet teddy I would suggest you to keep trying to find a more comparable dupe in terms of the texture atleast.

C)Maybelline True Base

Got this one cause I actually find it controls the oil on my face so well. Like its soooo good. Reduces the shine , and creates a matte like effect on the entire face. A huge thumbs up to this product and it can actually act just like an expensive primer from any of the big brands out there in the market.

D) Maybelline BB cream

I purchased this in the shade radiance and absolutely love the minimalistic look.Blends into the skin although it doesn’t provide full coverage, just a dab on the T zone and you are good to go. Perfect for Delhi summers as it doesn’t create a caked up effect.

E.)Aroma Magic Nourishing hand cream

I have such dry hands! This cream is an absolute saviour for me and retailing at 175 inr. I  give it a huge thumbs up:) I usually love the body shop shop hand creams but i feel this is quite good and moisturizes pretty well….so I totally recommend this in your handbag.

Here’s sharing pictures of my beauty haul with you guys. That’s it for today.Hope you enjoyed the post:) I will be sharing my personal skincare products. They might not be the best but as I mentioned this is a budget blog for you all out there. I would to hear what you guys think about my haul.

The reason I started blogging was to share with people out there my opinions on things. I think way too much and hence I feel writing is the perfect outlet for my creativity and hence I really love editing and writing the blogposts. So stay tuned for the next blog soon


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  1. driftyness says:

    That lipstick colour really looks lovely on your skin!

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