Travel friendly skincare and more….

Hey lovely readers. Hope you all are having a great day so far. Who doesn’t love  travel sized mini versions of products!! They are incredibly  travel friendly as well cheaper compared to the full sized versions of the products. I have been planning to write for a while on this topic but couldn’t really do a haul blog as I didn’t do one for myself XD So without further delay lets head to the loot.

First up are two roll perfumes by Zara, and guys I cant tell u how much I love both the scents. They come in these cool glass vials  and retail for INR 390 each.

  • zara oriental- So I fell in love with this scent the first time I saw this. This smells neither too fruity nor too flower like.This scent is so delicate and perfect for the day. For the schorching Delhi heat I feel its the perfect summery fragnance. The roll ons are quite affordable and totally worth the try. Totally recommend this one to all you readers!!


the glass vial is so sleek
The best part is that the how unique this perfume is the notes are so individualistic. Totally worth the price

  • Zara milano:

Purchased this one primarily for the glitter vial look but the scent is so fresh and amazing. I really feel it adds to the retro glam look it was initially for. When I swatched it on my inner palm  it left a glitter trail behind which I feel was a total winner for me.

  • Miniso sweet girl-

So finally the japanese brand Miniso is in India!! Absolutely totally love their super cheap products and especially the perfumes smell so good. I wanted to try out a couple of options, so I purchsed two of them- The lifebloom retails for INR 250 and the Sweet girl retails for INR 250 as well.

Its a kind of fruity scent and less subtle compared to Zara. I wouldnt say its amazing but yes its pretty lightweight and the packaging is really great for such a cheaply priced product. Its perfect to carry anywhere in your bag or on a small vacay. The other good thing about the perfume is the amount of product it has, its a perfect option on a college budget or for gifting a friend. I would totally recommend it.

  • Miniso lifebloom:

So now presenting the final product of the haul. This is lemon- flowery smelled scent and I wasn’t keen on buying this initially, but I felt it was quite reasonably priced so I thought I might as  well buy it. Don’t regret the same. Its a really fresh daily to wear perfume. You can wear it in both day and night and its definately pocket friendly as well.

So guys this was all for today. Hope you like the blog. Do you have any travel friendly faves?If you do comment away.




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