Little Mac is in India;)


So because its a  Monday I thought it would be a great idea to post a couple of blogs today about my recent purchases. So little mac is finally available in India! Yay!

I am a huge fan of mac lipsticks in general. The consistency, the texture and pigmentation, just about everything I adore. The only issue is each lipstick priced at INR 1500 is too darn expensive on a student budget, hence I was really excited when I saw Shreya Jain, an Indian beauty blogger reviewing the miniature versions on youtube. So I decided to purchase two matte lipsticks in my go to shades- Velvet teddy and Mehr.

These mini mac lipstick versions are perfect for someone like me who wants to check out new shades and not break the bank for the same. I am totally in love with pinkish nudes as well subtle pinks. They go really well with my pale fair toned complexion. The combo of price as well as value makes these the perfect purchase for me. Heres leaving you with a picture of the loot.


So the first one is velvet teddy. I just love this shade in particular. Its so subtle that it can be worn for both casual as well as formal outings.The second one Mehr is a pink pigmented shade perfect for summer outings and can be apired with whites and off white colours the best, totally recommend this to the readers.

left-Mehr right-Velvet teddy
Both the shades are tote able and super cute. Hope you guys liked the post. Do you guys have particular Mac shade that you love?Do let me know as well.



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