Finding fashion in sales….(ugh)

Hello beautiful people, I am back today with a fashion haul after the skin care posts.  Actually I have both a skincare and fashion haul but I thought staying true to the content of the blog is important as well, so here you go….

Sometimes I feel like I  am throwing out words in this big universe with no one reading them but sometimes you just got to do what makes you feel happy and fulfilled!Right?

floral off shoulder top . Got it for INR 350
Black net off shoulder . got it for INR 450
So recently with the sale season in full swing I made a couple for purchases. And the one thing I got most was off shoulder tops. I got 2 off shoulder tops from H n m. Off shoulder tops look make me look not only thinner but then look really flattering on body fit leggings as well as cool blue jeans(something that I own a couple of pairs of). These pieces of garment are super versatile and can provide a certain freshness to all your outfits hence, Win win!

Next up is Zara. I got a couple of purchases from Zara. First up are side strap jeans with frayed edges. Absolutely love these. I also got a black sheer top, white top as well as a colorful print skirt to pair with the same. Coming to sheer blacks. I feel they are absolute wardrobe essentials as well as elegant for all outings.

Except this got one more top. Its like in a green color and currently in wash:( But I its kind of got bell sleeves and it’s got a very charming appearance to it. Its got tribal colored tassels on the arms and has a free flowing vibe to it and hence offers a great breather during summer months. Last but not the least I purchased the Zara oriental perfume. Gosh just love the smell. I haven’t found my perfect scent since a long time, but his perfume is really amazing and the best part is I can use it daily :DI have tried a number of Zara scents but I have never come across something I loved. I have tried Red Vanilla, jasmine and floral scent, and Black amber as well.  Absolutely love it!

black sheer net tee(wanted this since a real long time really) Got it for INR 790 should have waited because I saw the exact same top today for 590
side stripes give it a whole retro party vibe INR 1590. Love them:D


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