Mini Miniso haul….

My love for skincare began at the of thriteen, when I was first plagued by the dreaded acne and later was diagnosed with PCOS. Yeah that’s right! I seem to have developed the dreaded illness that women detest and battle with daily( a big hug to all the PCOS cysters out there). While the syndrome has a spectrum of symptoms, mine seemed to display quite a few – Acne, weight gain(the main reason of how it began), and the most dreaded of them all….body and facial hair. Now I know you all must be thinking i sound like right out of a twilight movie as the scary werewolf (which might be partially true), but I do not and while it did have a huge dent on my self esteem I learnt to live with it or you could say hide it. While facial hair wasnt really that big of a concern early on , mis diagonosis made no treatment made it worse. Anyways coming back to the topic I feel it made me more experimental around skincare. I didn’t even use face wash before that, I mean can you believe it. My skin was pretty great before all this happened so I never really was a customer for products or was interested to ascertain my skin type or what worked for it.

My tryst with PCOS (or as I like to call it) made me realize the detrimental effects waxing can have on facial elasticity or the importance of toners, mosturisers and the works. And I have absolutely no regrets on that. By the grace of god I have nothing to complain in terms of my facial skin these. Nevertheless I have my rant days but we will discuss about those in some other post.

So the Japanese store Miniso is finally in India and while I usually order my skincare and cosmetic products online, seeing the ridiculously cheap prices I juts couldnt resist. I picked up only three products though which I have been using the past two weeks. Btw the fun fact is that I always try to use products on myself for  a considerable time before giving a detailed description on the same. I feel I want to blog about honest reviews with the readers as writing is something I truly enjoy as much as I enjoy researching on skincare( so much variety these days I tell you!)So without further ado lets get to the haul!


The loot. Top left we have the cleansing foam Centre-its a toner Bottom right- A set of baby pink Cotton pads(got these for the colour)

So coming to the cleansing foam . True to its name it does have a cotton snowy texture  which lathers off well. The dirt and grime can be removed with one swipe but I don’t really feel it works as well when compared to the Garnier micellar water I reviewed earlier in one of my posts. Its priced at INR 250 so full marks to the affordability and packaging.

Next up we talk about the, Hamamelis Virginiana refrshing toner. Well to be honest I purchased this solely cause of the packaging. There’s a dainty flower encased in the bottle as well which adds full points to the packaging. Coming to the consistency, this is thicker than the usual toners I have. Like it’s thicker and doesn’t sting at all(don’t know if this is good or not though). It adds a moisturizing feel to the skin and smells pretty nice as well which is great:D

Last but not the least the pink wipes were so cute. I love all things pink! UGHH!!The wipes do the job well as well priced at INR 150 for 100 wipes I think these last over one and a more than one and a half month, which I feel is great. There were wipes with activated charcoal as well and I will be purchasing these most probably next month along with a couple of other products as well.Can’t wait!!!


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