Summer skincare basics


Hey there beautiful people of the internet! I have been super busy lately with work in general and hence haven’t been able to blog much. Throughout my teenage years I was plagued with acne ( super oily skin really:/ ) and Hirtuism(yup there I said it)I would wake up early morning I used to find a layer of oil covering my T zone area. And though it was mostly hormonal acne that cleared up with a few weight and diet changes, I decided to try  a couple of products and figure out what works for me.

For me basic summer skincare mostly comprises of  a good facewash, a moisturiser for daily usage under my bb cream( I have a really pale white complexion so the BB cream provides a textured look even with minimal coverage), next up I prefer a good body butter which doesn’t make my skin feel too sticky( and smells good too!) and lastly a good lip butter. While lip gloss and lipsticks comprise my usual purchases there’s nothing like a good lip butter. After constantly using matte lipsticks throughout the week, its necessary to use a good lip butter to prep the lips.


Although I really love Body shop products they tend to be expensive to buy regularly, hence I discovered a great alternative Indian brand called Plum. The products are 100% vegan, sulphate free and cruelty free( win win!). So how couldnt I be psyched to try them out? .Plus the products smell kind of amazing. Nothing better than great smelling skincare. I definitely recommend the face wash to you all ! The granules make it even better, acting like a mild natural scrub.

Next up is the fig and vanilla body butter which smells like fudge( Heavenly!). Its not the best body butter out there but priced at INR 425 its pretty affordable for the price. Also got the nivea aloe hydration cream. Tried a couple of basic mosturisers but this sticks for me!

Got the nyyka nailpaint remover. Would give 100 marks for the look but the lakme nailpaint remover works much better for me. Nyyka eyeliner I am yet to try more often but the consistency and color are both something that I feel are good

Coming to the gigi hadid range, my personal thoughts do vary for the products and I feel they just dont live upto the hype. I order the matte lipstick in the shade Erin. While this lisptick does swipe upto a beautiful shade it just doesn’t fit the bill. Not for me atleast. Priced at INR 500 I dont believe the quality does justice to the price. On the other hand The gel liner I ordered wasn’t so bad but I guess I am more of a liquid liner girl( lazy girl hacks!). Though priced reasonably  it’s not really something I will be buying again for now. I guess I will be doing a eye liner post soon;D so stay tuned for that. What are your summer skincare go- to products? Do you have any problematic areas? Feel free to share.


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