A mask a day keeps the derm away!

Hey there lovely readers! I did a mask haul from Nyyka .com( Indian beauty giant) and I was can’t wait to share my experience with you guys(Eeep!)

I have been a huge fan of Korean skincare regimen off late and ever since the launch of brands like Innisfree and Its skin in India it has opened the gates to the world of Korean skincare( Koreans have these amazingly consistent skin). I previously got three masks from a local store and fell in love with the effect they had on my skin and so….. I decided to invest in some more masks. So I got a set of 9 sheet masks in total. I have a oily to combination skin type which is slightly on the sensitive side. All the masks are skin safety tested and dermatologically approved. So without much ado lets drive straightaway into the haul:D Oh and btw a slight disclaimer here I usually do not post a review unless I personally try out the products. Trying new skincare and makeup products and reviewing them is something I really enjoy so having an idea to how the product reacts on my skin gives helps me project my thoughts honestly to you all.

The haul for you guys
So here’s what I ordered-

  •  Two of the -The solution Pore care face mask
  • Tea tree (soothing mask)
  • Rice Mask ( Skin Brightening mask)
  • Lemon Mask (Skin Brightening mask)
  • Aloe mask(Skin hydrating mask)
  • Blueberry Mask( Firming mask)
  • Lotus mask(Hydrating mask)
  • Dear Packer-Lab Collection Mask(Anti Pollution and clearing mask)
  • I will be soon reviewing the masks in m next blog post as I have been able to use only three so far! Sigh! Stay tuned for further updates:D

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